A critical aspect of being online is your hosting platform and this extremely important area which is often overlooked by businesses seeking a new website. The reason hosting is an area overlooked by many is because at the time of getting a website the entire focus is the actual website itself and not the hosting platform it will sit on. As long as the site is visible on the internet is all that matters at the time.

Website hosting often isn’t given a serious thought until something goes horribly wrong. We’ve had so many clients come to us for hosting who have expressed this exact situation; ‘I just had NO idea about the importance of hosting’ - is a common expression.

Our ActiveHost system takes daily backups to multiple locations both onsite and offsite and we can roll back a customers website to the most recent backup in the event of something going wrong. We have an online support ticket system and staff available to call for all email and site support.

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Dedicated Web Hosting Service
  • Affordable. Under half what our competitors charge for managed hosting services.
  • Daily backups to multiple locations - keeping your website content and customer data safe.
  • Low priced, no hassle domain registrations.
  • Managed hosting which includes, support ticket system, client-area management, online billing, domain management.
  • Fast, modern, un-cluttered servers based right here in New Zealand.

key points about website hosting

If your business is in New Zealand (or Australia) you need hosting based here

The servers must physically be in this country. You can get cheap hosting in India but if rankings, loading speed, performance, reliability and security mean anything to your business than you should forget about cheap foreign hosting offers. Watch out as there are numerous New Zealand ‘hosting’ companies who don’t actually have their servers here. Ours are located in a specialist data-centre near the Christchurch airport.

The hosting server equipment affects the performance of your website

If your website is sitting on a crowded server which is struggling with bandwidth and memory your website will be slow to load. If you have an e-commerce site it might even fail to function during heavy usage times in these conditions. All websites have different usage requirements and we make sure these are met for each one of the sites we build. your website performance.

Where and whom you host your website dictates the security of your site

If you have invested in a website and it becomes a critical part of your business then you should take an interest in where and how your website is hosted. Things can go wrong and the impact can be disasterous for a business. How much would it impact you right now if:

A) Your website went down. Is it backed up? How much would it affect your business if it couldn’t be revived?

B) Your emails stop working. Who can you contact to get them working asap?


  • Datacentre with the highest possible level of access security. Alarmed and CCTV monitored 24/7.
  • Fully redundant architecture utilising dual Cisco 6500 core switches.
  • Fully redundant FortiGate appliances for network security.
  • Multiple POEs (Point of Entry) for fibre using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) core routing to eliminate network downtime.
  • 99.99% Uptime Network.
  • Fully redundant APC InRow RC cooling chiller units, each running independent fans, piped with leak-proof PEX piping and fed via external redundant chiller units, both with 500 litre storage tanks.
  • Auto-start diesel generator.
  • Invited, escorted access only.
  • Securely locked server cabinets.
  • Dual monitored very-early-warning smoke detection system with carbon dioxide extinguishers.
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